Traveling Man

Hey! Any of you sisters have traveling hubbies?

Well I’m the sis here with that life so I know you, you know me and no one else understands us unless they live the traveling life!

Here’s the deal though! I used to want people to ‘feel bad’ for me because I was a single mama half the time and on and on. And after years of having a pity party about my life I realized absolutely nothing good came from that posture.

One of my dear aunts has been sad about one of her daughters’ unmet dreams of having a husband and children. She found herself feeling sorry for her daughter and wanting to baby her in this arena.  When she prayed about it, she heard “don’t victimize her, encourage her where she’s at in life”. Kinda like “don’t feed the victim in people, feed the Victor in them”.

I loved her take on this situation for my own life. My circumstances may never change in regards to my husbands’ travel but I certainly thrive when I’m encouraged to press on and am told I’m an amazing mom when Jeremy is away. Those words fuel my life fire and words of pity only spiral me deeper into selfishness.

You can do this sisters! Life is good! Always find the good in your circumstances!


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