Why I am ELATED about Selah Sisters!

As a girl I dreamt of raising my family with my sisters’ families. Having cousins be bffs and husbands be chums, and being available for eachother at all times was my ultimate dream.

I got a taste of this while Tica and her family lived in Rapid City during my first two births etc. Honestly I took it for granted thinking that Betsy would eventually move our way and join the dream.

Fast forward and they’re both raising their beautiful families as far away as humanly possible (They’re in New Zealand and I’m in Minnesota). For the first 5 years of this separation we rarely communicated. Our kids would always steal the Skype show and email was very impersonal so I never felt like we quite connected on a deep sister level.

Just this fall we randomly started a group viber message and video convo that has continued daily for months and months and months and I am ELATED to have my sisterhood back!

I feel more uplifted, confident, supported and understood than I have in ages and I owe it to the daily encouragement from sisters in all the areas of life that we chat about.

Recently we chatted about how many gals have mentioned to us that they wish they had and sister or sisterhood of some sort and we thought, “why not share our sisterhood with anyone who wants it”. We’d love to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you if that means you feel more understood, encouraged and ready to face life head on each day!

We don’t know where this blog will go but plan to just be real and raw with you and continue our sister talks but a little more publicly. We hope this journey is as uplifting for you as it’s been for us! Welcome!

This was the first and last time I got to visit Ticas home in New Zealand! 2 Years have passed!

That’s our bro Cody as well! This sister hood isn’t complete without our other siblings, our many soul sisters, and of course our husbands and children. So we’ll keep you posted when we have “guest bloggers” on here for an extra special treat!







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