Some soul sister memories you might LOVE!

Once upon a time these soul sisters

Flew to New Zealand, for this sisters’ wedding to our brother!

Little did we know a fun “girls haircut day” would change our lives for years to come!

Long story short, 3 of us went to get haircuts together to pamper ourselves for the wedding…and all left with extremely short butch cuts… all wondered how in the H.. E… double hockey sticks the gal turned our hair requests into spikey goth inspired chops!

(That’s us 3 sisters..Betsy is far left braving her haircut and Polly is far right..hiding her haircut and Tica well she’s never had a bad cut..ever)

Soul sis Heather found out how to style her punk rock do…

And Pollys’ doesn’t look too shabby from 100 yards away!

Anywho, we seriously had stylists asking us for like 3 years who cut our hair like that! They could see the wreckage for that long after the damage was done.

All we concluded was that we totally walked into a barber shop (because there were dudes everywhere when we left). 

The fun thing is I don’t think any of us regret it! It was hilarious and we did it as a team 🙂


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