10 Go-To Snacks We Treat as Meals

Mk…so this may only work for us since my man isn’t home for most meals; but we ‘snack’ for soo many meals and I kinda LOVE it! 

I’ve had a handful of gals ask what kind of snacks I feed my kids that aren’t just crap. Here are 10 of our Go-To’s that make my life easy peasy! I’m not much into cooking these days so almost all of these require NO cooking! (You can get fantastic gourmet recipes from the other 2 sissies…I’m not your gal)

#1 Fruit/Yogurt/Granola

#2 Cheese/Grapes/Nuts

#3 Popcorn/Nuts/Dried Fruit

#3 Bananas/Apples/ Peanut Butter

#4 Peas/Carrots/ Hummus

#5 Cheese/Lunchmeat/Crackers 

#6 Fruit Salad  (dice up all your faves)

#7 Hardboiled Eggs/Hummus

#8 Smoothie  (Fruit/Yogurt/Spinach)

#9 Toast/Butter/Avacado

#10 CEREAL (obvs this can be unhealthy, but you can choose healthy ones too 🙂 

Send us your favorite EASY snacks! 

We LOVE hearing from you!


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