Isn’t she GORGEOUS!!!

Oh my goodness. You all need to know Tica!! I am seriously soooooo blessed to be able to have her as my big sis to glean from. She is the mother of 10…did you hear me TEN beautiful children!! I can honestly say that with each child and each trial that comes her way she only stands up straighter, walks with more grace and becomes even more beautiful. If there was ever a time to say “What a woman”…it is in her presence. Tica, thank you for being such an example of a loving wife who respects her husband, a mother who parents in love and not out of fear and a daughter of The King who only moves when you hear his voice. Here are some words that come to mind when I think of you:

Dreamer: always positive

Prophetic: you see from a different perspective

Boldness: gifted and pointed with your words

Listener: your ear in tuned to the Holy Spirit and you move in his freedom

Poised: You are royalty and you act like it no matter what circumstances come your way

I am so proud to call you sister. Love Betsy

My Turn (Polly)

Yes Yes and Yes to all Bets said about Tica!

I’ll try to write my own bits without being too repetative!

Tica has paved the way for all 7 of us siblings to make “good choices”. She always did the right thing, with the right heart and I don’t remebering her EVER being mean to any of us! She was always a nurturing mother hen to us and we all looked up to her….and still do!

She’s the one that kinda speaks and we just do what she says! Because we trust her. She thinks deeply and intentionally and her words have much weight. Her BFF is the holy spirit all day every day and we get to benefit from her advice because of that!

My words are Soo similar for Tica…

Dreamer: Tica is always dreaming…but her dreams hold much weight and anticipation because she seeks the Lord regarding them all of her days.She dreams for not only herself but us too..that speaks huge selfless volumes to us!

Encourager: Tica almost always sees the positive in a situation.  It’s a choice she’s made and she is soo pleasant to be around because of it.

Royalty: Tica reminds me of a queen. She is a naturally poised leader and will stand firm and confident in her decisions and choices for herself and her family. It’s an extremely attrictive attribute that makes me want to be even more like her!

K! Since Bets already nailed it that pretty much gives a quick glimps of the big sis we’ve gotten to grow with! And now lucky YOU GET TO TOO!!!

Ps* Tica is married to Dusten. They live in New Zealand with their 10 children. (Lloyd, Kaleb, Faith, Aspen, Betsy, Wyatt, Nalia, Ted, Lukas, and River)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. oliviablackler says:

    K allllllll these are so incredible. You girls are beyond blessed to have other girls know you through and through. Such awesome examples of girls lifting each other up and speaking truth! And I’m blessed to have you 3 kn my life!!


    1. Thanks for encouraging us liv❤️ we are so thankful to have you as our sister! Love you so much!


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