FullSizeRenderOh how I love being a girl and having daughters! Love having little friends to share in all things beautiful! My sweet four year old Hadassah loves anything sparkly and pink and is becoming more and more aware of how she looks. I see her sweet eyes seeking affirmation as she twirls in her new dress or shows her hair off to James…I totally see myself in her…With three kids under four I am starting to recognise my NEED for a little beauty treatment each day both physically and spiritually. A little time spent to get outa frump-ville totally lifts my mood and confidence and time spent focusing on truth and choosing thankfulness directly effects the beauty of my words and thoughts towards those around me. I’m 30 and still need reminding every single day to choose the best for me and therefore give the best I have to everyone around me…How awesome if I can instil this in my daughters from this young age so that they can reach higher heights than I could ever imagine! Here are a few Beauty treatments we’ve been practicing lately…these physical acts bring out our beauty but also remind us of some real gems…

Mascara:  have eyes that see beauty all around us and in others.

Lipgloss: Speak out truth and eat good food for body and spirit.

Hair: Take yucky thoughts captive and mull over truth and beauty instead.

Clothes: Be clothed in Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control everywhere we go.

Shoes: Wisdom to walk in what we are called to do each day.

Heart: Since Haddie loves pink we pray for soft pink hearts full of kindness.


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  1. Dee Hays says:

    Love seeing you ladies “rule your world” ….love your Momma, too.


    1. Thanks Dee! Loving having mom and pop here❤️❤️


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