Traveling Light


Last weekend Dusty and I (and River) took an impromptu road trip to Auckland to pick up a vehicle. We drove both ways meaning 36+ hours of travel time (including ferry rides across the Cooke Straight).

It was fast and furious and not glamorous by any means; however that didn’t mean I had to sacrifice style for practicality. For this trip I opted for one of my go-to comfy Momiforms and wore it night and day for all three days of the trip. Jacket, bra and shoes off at night then back on again in the morning. Push up the sleeves, leave the jacket undone, switch up my hair and each day was a new day!

This weekend Lulu Lemon was my go-to (versatile, functional, beautiful, ultra-comfy, wears forever!)


As for toiletries and makeup (in SelahSimplify style) I opted for a basic Maskcara pallet along with Maskcara’s facial cleansing wipes and Milk (the most luscious moisturiser!) to keep my face clean and healthy and pretty.


Keep it Basic. Keep it Classy. Keep it Fun. Happy Trails!!!



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