About SelahSimplify


Hi sisters! We decided we NEEDED another Category for something all three of us love…creating order in the midst of chaos. Thus the first part of our name…Selah…creating time for a breather in the midst of the music of life. Tica discovered the KonMari method a few months ago which awakened all of our love of simplifying…Using this method Tica brought a whole new level of order to her busy home of 12; Polly, having completed her own house, moved onto her friends homes and will be speaking to a group of women in her area on the subject next month. I have read through both of Marie Kondos’ books and am passionate to teach people to surround themselves with only what adds value to their lives and creates an environment where dreams can be birthed. This area of the blog will show our journey of bringing the joy of simplicity to the world around us.