Betsy is the quintessential perfect baby sis! She thinks we (me and Tica) are awesome and verbalizes how amazing she thinks we are DAILY! She is the one who grounds us. Betsy can listen to me and Tica go around and around about a topic and sum up what we both meant in one sentence. She is the ‘simple’ sister and once you get to know us; you’ll know that word is an honorable one to behold! She is stunning with or without makeup. Her home is soo refreshingly simple yet thought out and her family is soo content because of her cozy and peaceful spirit.

Betsy is the sister who taught our dad to cuddle, the only one who calls our parents as often as they deserve and just plain prioritizes what matters! She is one of a kind royalty and I know the Father is pleased with her ‘behind the scenes’ service in this life.

Here are some quick words…

Peaceful: She carries a peacefulness that trickles into her words, her home and kinda defines her beauty.

Encouraging: Betsy knows how to find gold amongst dust. She knows what is good and rich about us and speaks those things into us often!

Cozy: This word means soo many things. She is a cuddler, a baker, an amazing cook, a gardener and a phenomenal home maker in general. She does it all to give her family the best of all worlds.

I’ll let Tica dig into a few more gems next…Love you, Polly

Yes indeed I will! But first I have to declare 100% total accuracy to Polly’s description of you Bets. I will add two words…. Humility and Honour. It takes a very strong woman to live these words out with such purity and consistency, shunning the opportunity to exalt one’s self by consistently bending low to serve and to honour others; and yet still standing firm in your Dignity! Bets… you are a Royal through and through. A Queen worth looking up to, admiring, and following after. You may appear to be strapped into the backseat, but you DO know when it’s time to climb up and take the wheel. Sweet baby girl… we’ll follow where you lead because you lead with Pure Love and Intentionity. Thanks you for loving so wholeheartedly and for the incredible Honour you consistently bestow. My own heart is greatly humbled.

Love you forever!!!


*Betsy’s world is made whole by her HunBug James and their sweethearts Haddassah, Judah and Maple.