Guuuuurrl! Where would I be without you in my life! You are the cream to my coffee, the butter to my bread, the cheese to my pizza…in other words I love dairy products?? jkjk…in other words you make life soooo much better! Thanks for letting me be the annoying little sis who climbed into your bed every night and stole your clothes. I don’t know why God decided we needed to live a world apart but I am so thankful that our friendship can defy boundaries such as distance. You are a selfless friend who I know always puts me before yourself. I look up to you in so many ways and pretty much copy everything you do…so thanks for doing everything first (marriage, 5 kids etc etc) so I know what I’m supposed to do next :0) Thanks for always loving me for who I am. You are just the best. Here are some words I think of when I think of you:

Joy Giver: makes everything fun

Understanding: finds a way to empathise with everyone who crosses her path

Encourager: always sees the best in people

Leader: you know your mind and aren’t afraid to speak it

Beauty: you know how to turn anything bland to beautiful

Love you! Bets

(Tica’s turn…)

Polly Jean…. GLUE. That’s the first word that comes to my mind. Glue attracts and binds as do you… people are naturally drawn to your confident-humility that allows you to be authentically you… and that same personality which breathes acceptance cause people to feel safe in your presence without ever feeling judged… Acceptance-without-judgment is the agent by which you bind many hearts together who might otherwise drift apart.

The second word that is prominent in my mind is Getter-dun-girl (I’m sure that counts as one word 😋)… If ever I need to tackle a job with efficiency and timeliness I ‘chanel’ Miss Polly Jean… Darlin; YOU GET STUFF DONE like no other!

A few more prominent words for you…

Sincere. Honourable. Honest. Peaceful. Relentless. Kind.

Live you Dear Sis!


*Polly’s Joy-filled training ground for Life, Love and Holiness is with her family… Hubby Jeremy and their Five kids… Aliyah, Avalon, Brekken, Aveya and Bridger.