SelahSimplify Cheat Sheet


Intentionally simplifying creates a beautiful space to live in and time to enjoy only the things we love. Confronting your possessions head on not only brings physical change, but also allows us to see what we really love, who we really are now and what we really value. I have found that letting go of stuff brings freedom from the past and releases fear of the future. Tidying from a place of “enough” allows you to enjoy your life and gives confidence to move forward in your calling. Here is a simple outline I use to simplify based on the KonMari method:

Visualise why you want to simplify and hold onto this goal when you feel like quitting.
Tidy your home all at once. Seriously people come to my home and must think I’m a clean freak who locks my kids in their rooms so things won’t get out of place. Not true at all…if you look closely you will see the evidence of my 3 toddlers everywhere, but at first glance my house looks in order because I have found “a home” for everything. Tidying my house literally only takes 10 minutes so there is never a freak out moment when people drop on by.
Only keep the things you love and with confidence. As you go you will get better and better at deciding what to keep and what to give away. I really think tidying helps hone decision making skills in all areas of life. Choose to keep things not from a place of guilt or fear but a place of rest so that whatever possessions surround you truely add value to your life.
Tidy by category, not location. I have found this tip to be hugely valuable. By doing this you create a perfect platform for storing things efficiently. Going room by room sometimes creates overlap. By sorting things category by category they can all “live” in the same place which makes clean up simple.
Tidy in the correct order. Starting with easy things like clothes first gives you the confidence to move through the more difficult sentimental items.
Discard before placing things back. This creates a perfect platform for efficient storage by knowing exactly the amount of space you will need in order to put things of the same category together.
Give everything a home. This is why my house is so easy to tidy. Everyone in my house knows where things live and even my 2 year old can put his things back in their home.
Put your things in order first and others will follow. I want to create an atmosphere of freedom in my home and although I can create general order, I want to teach my family to tidy but empower them to make there own choices, so everyone in our house has a space that is their own with the things they really love that they can keep just the way they like.

CLOTHES: Gather every single item of clothing(tops, bottoms, hung items, socks, underwear, bags and accessories). Dump them all in one spot. Choose what to keep and discard the rest. Put back in their homes. Use the KonMari method for folding… because everything is stored vertically you will be able to see everything at a glance.
BOOKS: Gather all books together just like clothes. Get rid of what you don’t love and keep what you do. Store in a bookcase or closet by category such as: Books for pleasure, Practical, Cookbooks, Reference, Visual and Magazines. Try not to read them as you go, will make the process way faster!
Papers: Enter this category with the thought that you will get rid of everything so you will keep as little as possible. When sorting, create a “pending pile” for things that require action and tackle it once and for all. Scan and Store things on a hard drive whenever possible or even create an album of kids pictures. Anything that must be kept store in clear plastic so you can easily view it.
Miscellaneous: categories: Gather, Sort and Store by category
CD’s-DVD’s: don’t stop to listen/put on hard drive.
Stationary: sort by equipment, paper-related, letter-writing
Electrical: chords, phones, memory cards, batteries, ink
Skincare: sort, discard, store (*sds)
Makeup: sds
Medicine: sds
Valuables: Create a pending pile to sell or give away, ads
Sewing kit: sds
Tools: sds
Hobby/Collectibles: sds
Linen/Bedding: sort and store near laundry
Towels: sort and store near bathroom
Stuffed Toys: sds
Recreational: sds
Seasonal: such as holiday decorations (sds)
Emergency: sds
Rain gear: sds
Kitchen: Use ease of cleaning as your storage criterion. Keep cupboards full and counters clean. Tidy by category: utensils, cooking tools, Food(fridge&pantry), crockery, table cloths/napkins, cooking vessels, cooking appliances, Tupperware, Baking Supplies, Disposables, Plastic bags(fold/don’t keep too many), Consumables(tinfoil etc)
Cleaning Supplies: sds
Laundry Supplies: sds
Bathroom: sds
5. Sentimental: Things that you keep, keep with confidence knowing it will be valuable to you in the future. Store on hard drive whenever possible. Sort photos last and make albums.

Extra Tips:

Take off labels: let the words left in your home reflect who you want to be
Kitchens that are easy to clean are a Joy to cook in: Keeping counter tops as clutter free as possible creates less stuff to wipe after cooking. Put things away and wipe as you go.
Bathroom: Hang a rag in your bathroom to wipe surfaces after use just as in the kitchen.
Use the china! Dishes that you decide to keep should be used, don’t let them gather dust in the cupboard…let them add joy to your life.
Selah Space: This is what I call the space that is all my own in my home filled with things that bring me joy(for me it’s my laundry room)…I go here to pause, take a breathe or hide from my children, jkjk but seriously…sometimes I need some space to grab some self control and this space is perfect for that.
To keep tidy:
Return things to proper place.
Learn/teach your family how to fold.
Take care of your possessions.
Clean as you go and you’ll never have a “cleaning day”.
So get into it girlfriend! We’d love to hear how it goes!